New Stained Glass and Stained Glass Restoration

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II in the church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth

Stained Glass for Ville Franche near Nice

The Maiden & the Jackdaw at Isyllt Fach

The Coach House at Preston

Britannia Square, Worcester
Detail from the Diamond Jubilee Coronation window in the church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth
Albert's Window in London

Beast Skylight for London Mansion

The Rose Window near Hereford

Triptych at Pontypridd
The Blessed Nicholas

The Blessed Nicholas Wheeler in Leominster

The Coach House at Preston

Polebrook Hall

The New Crematorium in Hereford
Detail from the Diamond Jubilee Coronation window in the church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth

Autumn Skylight for London Mansion

Little Owl on Clee Hill

The Rose Window near Hereford

Dinder Hall
The Hely-Hutchinson Crest in Ludlow
Saint Cecilia at Neen Savage

The Coach House at Preston

Stained Glass for Ville Franche near Nice

Polebrook Hall

Beast Skylight for London Mansion

Hallway in Much Birch

The New Crematorium in Hereford

Winter Skylight for London Mansion
Tawney Owl on Clee Hill
Saint Francis in Ludlow
Summer Skylight for London Mansion
Angel with Dog in Ludlow
Sitting Room in Hay-on-Wye
Skylight for House on Hampstead Heath

How we can work for you

The Williams & Byrne glass studio can design and make you new stained glass windows, doors and skylights.

We can help you with stained glass restoration and conservation.

We also teach the core techniques of kiln-fired stained glass painting.

Our particular skills are kiln-fired painted stained glass, both new and old/antique. Also stained glass design. When we can help you, then contact us here.

New stained glass windows, doors and skylights

New stained Glass in any Style

New stained glass in any style

We can make new stained glass windows and stained glass doors or skylights in any style:

- Traditional or modern, figurative or abstract.

This work is one-off to suit clients’ wishes and the requirements of particular buildings (old and new).

We have made many new stained glass windows for private houses around the world. We have also made privately-funded windows for churches across England.

Read more here about the new stained glass we design and make.

Restoration and conservation

Stained glass restoration in any style

Stained glass restoration in any style

We take on difficult restoration/conservation work: for instance, where complicated painting skills are required or where you want perfect forgeries of broken ancient glass.

Clients sometimes send us antique stained glass they’ve bought at auction in Paris or London, sections of which we re-paint and re-furbish as required.

See here for stained glass restoration.

Working with other stained glass studios

We work with other stained glass studios – for example: designing, painting or restoration – either in our studio, or we travel to them.

David Williams worked with The Reytiens Glass Studio to help paint the Diamond Jubilee stained glass window for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. David was present in Westminster Hall on 20th March 2012 when the Queen addressed both Houses and the window was unveiled.

Write to us here if you have a project you want our help with.


1-to-1 Training

1-to-1 training

We focus on teaching stained glass painting techniques. Our students travel to us from Australia, all over the USA, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Kuwait, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Singapore, France, the Republic of Ireland and Peru. Also, from all over the British Isles.

In November 2012 we gave our third training course to members of the Muraoka Studio in Japan who flew here to learn more about the techniques we use at Williams & Byrne.

If you want to learn stained glass painting techniques, read more here about the stained glass painting training you can get here. This is usually 1-to-1 so that the studio’s normal activity continues at all times, which means you experience a busy, working studio, not a classroom.

We also travel. In 2011 and 2012 we gave seminars and training in the Netherlands that were attended by professional glass painters from Holland, Germany, Belgium and Romania.

June/July 2014 we’re teaching at Bryn Athyn College, Pennsylvania, as part of the College’s Sacred Arts Programme. (Details here.)

We’re also taking part in this year’s annual conference of the American Glass Guild’s annual conference: we’ll lead a 4-hour session on glass painting and will combine demonstration and practise of techniques with a hard-hitting discussion about what it takes to run a successful stained glass studio. Details here.

So, if you’re interested in knowing more about these workshops or can meet us at the conference, please write to us here. We’d love to hear from you.

Williams & Byrne

The studio is Williams & Byrne.

It is near Ludlow (Shropshire, UK). There are two of us – David Williams and Stephen Byrne. (Our backgrounds: here.)

Some of our work is close to home, so stained glass Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

We often work in London where for the last five years we have been much occupied with the re-development of a London mansion.

We also work across mainland Europe: we are currently restoring and making new windows for a mansion in near Lake Geneva and a villa in the south of France.

Across the Atlantic: we have recently collaborated with Californian artist, Souther Salazar, for a stained glass installation in a private house.

When you want the work which we can do for you, you can contact Williams & Byrne here.